Criticism and Defences of Advertising

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  • Published : May 23, 2006
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Criticism and defences of advertising
-Advertising supports our economic system; without it new products could not be introduced and developments in others could not be announced. Competitive advertising of new products and new business powers the ‘engine' of our economy, fastering economic growth and creating jobs in many industries.

-People use advertising to gather information before making buying decision

-A revenues make possible the ‘free' mass media we use not only for entertainment but for the maintenance of our democracy

-By showing us the bounty of our capitalistic, free enterprise society, advertising increases national productivity and improves the standard of living.

2.account management
3.creative department: this dep. must find creative idea that it involves copywriting, graphic, design, and etc. The main aim of creative dep. which present new idea and interesting idea for people. department: this department ask 2 questions for themselves *how much Money pay *how do we prepare media plannning for a advertisiment research

6.public relations

Mass Communication

The effects debate
1.Media content has limited impact on audiences because it's only make believes people know it isn't real. content has limited impact on audiences because it is only play or just entertainment. 3.if media have any effects at all, they are not the media's fault; media simply hold a mirror to society and reflect the statüko, showing us and our world as they already are. 4.if media have any effect at all it is only to reinforce preexisting values and beliefs, family, church, school and other socializing agents have much more influence 5.if media have any effects at all they are only on the unimportant things in our lives, such as foods and fashions

Definition Mass Communications theory

As we have just seen, there is no one mass communication theory. Mass communication theories are often...
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