The Media and Its Affect on You

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  • Published : May 6, 2005
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The Media and Its Affect on You
Growing up each individual is taught different values and morals. Those values and morals in return affect the daily decisions that we make. How do we obtain these values? We obtain these values from the objects that we come in contact with on a daily basis that has credibility to affect our train of thoughts. I think the media does play a major role in the decisions that we make. Anyhow I also believe there is a direct correlation to how much media that we partake in by listening to or watching affect it has on us. A child that is exposed to other morals and values with credibility such as public school, daycare, parental interaction, and sports are less likely to let media influence their decisions. Adults tend to form their own opinion after growing up through the trends of media. Media just about surrounds us a holds us prisoner to its beliefs. Undividedly any individual taught to have a mind of their own or anything other than the beliefs of the media does not let it affect them or how they go about making certain decisions. However I also believe there are times when we should listen to the media and we do listen to the media. Times such as when the media informs us of bad weather, criminals on the loose, savings etc.

In conclusion it is my observation that individuals use media for informative information that could be of importance to them. Media tends to affect young children and teenagers more than adults do, due to the fact that children and teenagers are more influential at their age level. Through it all though an individual believes what they want to believe, whether it is the truth or not, exclusively on the basis of its appeal and affect on them personally.