Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Skills

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Executive Summary1
Definition of Interpersonal Skills2
Strength of my interpersonal skills3
Weaknesses of my interpersonal skills4
Area of Improvement5
Mind map6

Executive Summary

In this assignment, my objective is to find out the definition of interpersonal skills, and discuss about interpersonal skills. Other than that, I would find out my own strength, weaknesses and a way to improve it. By finding out my own weaknesses, I can improve my interpersonal skills in a result of becoming a better person in a society. Lastly, I am going to talk about how well interpersonal skill can change the environment and the surrounding of the society.

Introduction of Interpersonal skills
Definition of interpersonal skills

According to (, 2011), interpersonal skills means the skills used by a person to properly interact with others. In the term of business, interpersonal skill generally refers to an employee's capability to get along and communicate with others while achieving the goal or objective. Interpersonal skill simply related to communication such as speaking and listening.

According to (, 2011), interpersonal skills involved encourage and giving out support to the other. Giving out positive opinion and constructive criticism are playing a very essential role in communicating. Hence, a successful management always have good interpersonal skill and also being negotiable. By having these skills, it will generally boost up the awareness in people in completing the task with obligation.

According to (, 2011), interpersonal skills include the habits, attitudes, manners, appearance, tones of voice, and behaviours that we apply in completing the goal. Furthermore, examine our own impressions on others is such an important role which leads to success in life as well as for a productive career. In other words, these skills are a set of behaviours which allow you to communicate effectively and unambiguously in a face to face setting. They can also be thought of as behaviours which assist progress towards a successful career.

Strength of my Interpersonal Skills
After working with my group members, I had received a few feedbacks and remarks about my interpersonal skills. Observation and study have been carried out based on the feedbacks and comments. Firstly, being talkative is one of my strength in my interpersonal skill. With words, I can share or contribute my ideas and information with my team. In the other hand, having an ethical listening skill also gave me a wide range of knowledge and make things easier to be understand. In the other words, communication stands a very essential role on being considerate and sympathetic to the others. Besides, this is also a way of showing value and respect to the speaker. Not only that, diligent is also one of my strength of interpersonal skill. Being conscientious keeps my work done in a very short period of time. By working hard and completing the task, it gives me a sort of impulsive force and motivation which can keep me working incessantly without giving up. Lastly, understand and follow the instruction from the group leader is also a contractual obligation of a group member of being responsible.

Weaknesses of my interpersonal skills
There are always good and bad in one’s interpersonal skills. One of my main weaknesses is afraid of mistake. I could not forgive myself of making silly mistakes and errors which causes unnecessary troubles and difficulties.

Besides that, I am an absent-minded person. Being a forgetful person, I could not remember everything that I required to...
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