Critical Thinking

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1. What is the DSPD philosophy? Explain how the operations of the different teams reflect the DSPD philosophy. The DSPD philosophy is Callaway’s belief of making demonstrably superior and pleasingly different products to golfing. This idea was established by Callaway’s previous business experiences and it served as the primary guiding principle for this company, the company that grew out of Hickory Stick USA. Their teamwork is built around five different areas: research and development, information systems, manufacturing, sales, and general/administrative services. The research and development team is responsible for designing, building prototypes, and testing the company’s premium golf equipment. The DSPD theory is evident here because they are thorough when conjuring new ideas of designs for their prototypes, as they make sure that this department of people is trained in a wide range of industries. Next, the information systems team supplies the company’s information needs around the clock using different computer applications. The manufacturing team achieves levels of efficiency, innovation, and safety that are at the top of the golf industry, using the latest manufacturing and assembly techniques. The sales team spans the word, providing gold retailers with the latest advances in golf equipment and the highest quality service. The general/administrative team helps to build and grow the company by supporting the activities of the other teams; they consist of accountants, legal experts, artists, human resource generalists, receptionists, writers, and others. These are the many components that add up to be Callaway’s secret to their DSPD philosophy that has worked so well for them over the years. 2. What team member characteristics does Callaway Golf consider to be important? Callaway Golf ensures that their teams are top-notch by seeking certain skills in each of their members. Although they value diversity, they look for integrity, honesty, daring,...
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