Critical Thinking

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Reasoning Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: February 1, 2013
This course has taught me a lot about critical thinking. When I started this course I could not honestly tell you what critical thinking was. Now, I have a very clear understanding of what critical thinking is and what it means. Critical thinking is the ability to confront new or unfamiliar ideas, situations, and opinions by using logic and reasoning with an open mind.

The three main things that I have learned and will continue to use while becoming a better critical thinker are the following. First of all keeping an open mind is very essential. You have to be able to accept other answers and considerations then the ones you already know. To be able to grow as a critical thinker you have to learn to be open-minded or you will never succeed on to the next level of critical thinking. Next, I have learned that you have to your emotions aside. It is hard to get all the information and except it if you have your emotions caught up in the process. The last but still very crucial is practice. To become a good critical thinker you have to practice everyday. Practice will help you improve and make critical thinking a habit so that you will not even have to think about it you will just think that way.

My critical thinking has changed since I started this course for the reason I am getting better at it. Like I said before when I first started I really did not have a good understanding therefore, it was for me to grow as a thinker. Now, that I actually know what it means and the steps of thinking critically I can move forward to becoming a master thinker. Once I become a master thinker then I will be at the point that I am trying to reach it.

During week one I consider myself to be a challenged thinker. I knew that I had problems and had some what started figuring out ways to over come them but I was not doing anything else to fix them. Now, I will have to say that I have moved up a stage to being a beginning thinker. I have started keeping up with my daily...
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