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Volunteer for World Parnership Golf

This article is mainly about the how we volunteered for the World Partnership Golf and what we gained from this event. We made a good decision after analyzing pros and cons of different options with a satisfactory outcome. To help people in poverty, this project gave us an opportunity to dedicate ourselves to doing something good to the society. In the end, I fulfilled my duty with my heart and soul with a terrific take-away lesson for team work.

World Partnership Golf (WPG) is a tournament set up by Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) for “Canadians to raise funds and awareness for projects that assist the poor and disadvantaged in Asia and Africa”.(WPG Official website, 2012) The reason why we chose this event is the significant meaning of this tournament——Take a wing at global poverty. With our help in hosting this tournament, millions of people can benefit from programs of AKFC and improve their life quality.

To be an effective group, three conditions need to be present: “mutual trust among members, a sense of group identity (a feeling among members that they belong to a unique and worthwhile group), and a sense of group efficacy (the belief that the team can perform well and that group members are more effective working together than apart)” (Druskat and Wolff, 2001). In the first group meeting, we developed a better understanding of our group when discussing all the details about this group project. Our fabulous group name is “Fab 4” with an inspiring motto “One for all, all for one, everybody having fun”. Found that all of us were motivated and sophisticated, we decided to complete all tasks together since that’s the most efficient way for us. To meet our expectation of being a helpful team, we all agreed to stay open to any ideas that can assist the foundation. Having a clear orientation, we gained more confident and mutual trust in each other.

We were responsible for helping with ground setup and general...
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