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Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Human, Human skin color Pages: 2 (925 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Karin Danino
Prof. Robert Tumas
Assignment 2: A Critical study - English 1010
I agree with Kwame Appiah’s essay and his beliefs about racism, I believe that we all should move beyond racism and then all of us will be happier in the place we live in. We all should know that life is a onetime journey and we should make the best out of that journey. Kwame Appiah brings in writing how difficult it is for race to be determined, especially to those who part of their family is from one race and the other from another. It is clear to see how cynical he is about identifying a person by a race, and showing hypothetically two brothers from same birth parents with two different race identifications. As Appiah describes it: “Two people marry. The wife has one Ghanaian and one British parent. The father’s parents are Norwegian. They have children of various shades, one of whom looks, to all intents and purposes, like an average Norwegian. My friend Georg agrees that the mother’s parents are of different races and contends that the Norwegian looking son is Caucasian, but his darker brothers are not.”(105) is this even possible to agree with? Two children from the same birth parents are being treated in a different way only because of their skin tone? After all they are growing under the same roof, with the same manners and the same guidelines, so why aren’t they the same race? In the movie “Do the right thing” I can find the answer to Appiah’s statement: “If we are to move beyond racism we shall have, in the end, to move beyond current racial identities.” In one of the scenes in the movie a white guy steps on Bugging out’s new white Jordan’s, you can see how Bugging out and his friends are saying that this is a black neighborhood; what does this white guy have to do here? And you can see how they are referring to themselves as black. So how can humans move beyond current racial identities if they are referring to themselves in a racial identification? If we all are so...
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