Half a Day Critical Analysis

Topics: Life, Meaning of life, Naguib Mahfouz Pages: 3 (1213 words) Published: November 15, 2010
A Whistle in the Wheel

Tiffany Davis

Professor Blain
English 1302
15 September 2010

A Whistle in the Wheel
An aging man seizes an imperatively essential component of his existence. Naguib Mahfouz, the narrator, persists to implant for his readers a glowing message of wisdom by combining the unexpected wonders of his child hood and family with the awakening aspects of life’s process of maturing. Reflections and evidence capture us, bring us to that very place in time, and motion us to travel alongside the narrator while only spending half a day. Mahfouz strategically sets up and arranges the stages of growth in his story. He reveals his message in many ways by expressing his life as a child and how it affects him, his life experiences and how they relate to real life situations, and how the events of just one school day can summarize the essential meaning of life, and takes all the lessons he learned in one day and compares them to everyday living. The narrator begins with a scene from his early years and conversations with his father. He commences by tottering along the path to a novel life. The narrator expresses feelings of uneasiness and hope by stating, “My delight in my new clothes, however, was not altogether unmarred, for this was no feast day but the day on which I was cast into school for the first time” (664). These feelings are revealed to describe a doubt or uncertainty that he will receive intimacy within the place that waits ahead. Home is considered a blanket of security that the thoughts of him reach desperately for. Displaying the last sign of fear, hoping that his mother would save him from the next step of change, Naguib looks back and notices the image of support through the distant window. Most people can relate to their very first day of school, and the naïve experiences thereafter. In that sense, Naguib’s story is able to connect with many. We can recall the new shoes or the fresh new uniforms bought or given to us prior to...
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