Critical Reflection

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Critical reflection

In the case study group work, we formed a team of four. There were Selena, Elton, Annie and I. we introduced ourselves to others groups members after we formed the group, and we decided Selena to be the team leader. I agreed with that leader is the person who display group-oriented values, values that focus on the welfare of the group rather than on the self-interest of the leader (Graf et al, 2012). We agreed that Selena has the ability to lead our team. Although she is lack of the knowledge of the case study topic, she is an honest and ethical person to be the leader, and we would like to share our ideas with her.

The democratic leadership style was the method we adopted, which meant everyone can be involved in the leadership process. The democratic leadership is a very open and collegial style of running a team, due to the ideas move freely amongst the group members (Ferguson, 2011). The fact proved that the democratic leadership style was suitable for our group. During our group meeting, no one was expected to know everything, some of us have part of the information and others have another. Therefore, we shared our own ideas and got benefits from others opinions.

Our group was the first one to deliver the presentation, so everything seemed to be in a rush. We intended to have for group meetings. The first meeting was choosing the topic, discussing and researching the relevant information. The second one was collecting and organising the information. The third meeting was used to creating the PowerPoint and the hand in paper. The last one was checking the PPT through and allocating the presentation to each one. However, we just had three group meetings and last two meetings were merged together. The planning and organising are extremely important for the group work. Because the planning set the direction, while the organising creates the structures (Schermerhorn et al, 2011, p339).

The first problem we faced was which topic of...
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