Critical Appraisal of Expatriate Management Approaches to Work in Nigeria

Topics: Economics, Unemployment, Economy Pages: 4 (1201 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Concept of Expatriates:
According to the Webster dictionary, an expatriate is simply a person living in a foreign country. An expatriate is usually a foreigner living in another country for the purpose of developing himself in terms of knowledge, experience and acculturation in career, religion, and politics. An expatriate could be seen as a legalized harmless spy who goes to a more advanced nation to acquire their skills, knowledge, experience, education, and technical-know-how in order to help place his or her nation at the table of nations respectably over a short period of time (not repeating the initial or developing mistakes of the advanced nation). In this context, the Nigerian Expatriate Manager is a foreigner filling a position in a Nigeria-based firm’s management and making a legal and respectable living by the current standard of the country. In a progressive view, the purpose of an expatriate is to improve the his value by seeking better opportunities and ‘greener pastures’ to make himself more valuable to his country of origin and that of his residence and the world at large and return to his or her country to lead or help channel the development of the country towards the standard of the advanced country (usually or at least in the relevant field) in which he is living, where training and experience was received, in a quicker and more adaptable manner. The benefit of an expatriate is not necessary to get rich, but to first increase the respect and economic relevance of the nation to the world, even though wealth may come later. This means that every developing nation must invest in their citizens and their children in advanced nations (who may be referred to as expatriates), even if they have to sponsor their education, provide agents that help them find respectable jobs, sponsor legal teams to assist with immigration problems and discrimination, provide training for their sports people (global ambassadors of success), and most importantly, open...
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