Marconi Telecommunication Mexico Case Study

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Homework n°1: Marconi Telecommunication Mexico

Marconi Telecommunications Mexico:

I. Statement of the problem:
1) Identification of the problem:
Marconi Telecommunications Corporation (Martel) is one of the Canada’s most international telecommunications providers. Martel purchased control of Lerida Telecom of Mexico in 1997. The company wanted to find the right people to manage their Latin American operations. Martel sent approximately 25 managers to Mexico, all the managers had been chosen both, internally and externally, as the company tried to select individuals with the skills required for an overseas assignment. However, the company had to deal with some problems from the process of expatriation. The process of expatriation takes into account: the agreement of managers, the negotiation of the compensation package, the preparation, and the family’s concerns. Obviously, all the process was not tailored to all managers that led problems and negative effects. Unfortunately, the problem is based on the poor expatriate policies. Yet, the goal of the International Human Resource managers is to send the right people and retain this human capital. 2) Identification of causes and effects:

The problems of the expatriation process are caused by the different expectations from the different types of expatriate managers. There are three categories of managers: the first one is the “traditional” manager with little or no previous international experience but strong technical skills, the second one is the “international” manager with a previous international background in Latin America but without significant telecommunication experience, and the last one is a group that combined the traditional and the international with previous international experience and significant telecommunication skills. The traditional managers expected more than the international managers because they have family’s concerns. Many of them were frustrated and wanted to have more ability to negotiate with reference to personal circumstances. Moreover, some managers felt a lack of preparation, this lack of preparation begets anxiety and family’s concerns. The language also was an obstacle for a part of managers, the accommodation and the dual career as well. These reasons caused bad integration, lack of safety, isolation and a brutal spouse’s life changes. II. Goals:

3) Mission/Goals/Objectives/Future plans:
The mission of Marconi Telecommunications Corporation is to keep sending the right persons and improve their process of expatriation without create false expectation. One of the manager said “you Glamorize things back home-everything is good. But it isn’t”. In addition, Martel has to change his expatriate policies in order to prepare the managers and their family to the future changes. Furthermore, there was an agreement across the groups of expatriates that more development of executives was necessary: “they need to have people in the pipeline (junior and senior people), they need to identify 25 to 30 promising people at all levels and develop them to run our Latin American operations, and they need a structured, publicized development program like some of the top American companies like P&G”; these are the future plans for Marconi Telecommunication Corporation in Mexico. III. Assumptions:

Marconi Telecommunications in Mexico needs to improve their process of expatriation; in this situation Martel needs to first outline a selection process that would make the language either a requirement or a high priority skill since Spanish is a necessity for doing business in Latin America. In addition, this skill would avoid some misinterpretation due to communication. Martel should also have an extensive training program for its expatriates and it should be training a number of potential managers for contingencies, in order to anticipate the demand. Moreover, this program should take into account the...
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