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Crispin is loyal
Crispin is loyal because he will stop at nothing to stay united with his family. Whenever Bear was in trouble, such as being ill or being in the middle of a battle, Crispin would never give up hope of caring for or rescuing him. Crispin is also loyal because he vows to protect Troth, a disfigured orphan, after she loses her mother. Throughout the whole story Crispin treats Troth as her sister and always protects her.

Crispin is caring
Crispin is caring because he puts the needs of others in front of his own. When Bear is sick, he sacrifices is own needs to meet Bear’s. Also, Crispin is very comforting and caring towards Troth. After the death of Troth’s mother, Crispin comforts Troth and prays with her.

Crispin is curious
Throughout the whole book, Crispin is curious because he is always fascinated with his ever-changing surroundings. In Rye, a seaside town, Crispin ventures every day to the ports and watches the sea and all of its wonder. In addition, Crispin’s spark of curiosity causes him to ask Bear questions of his war stories and past adventures. Crispin becomes so curious, in fact, that he is often yelled at for asking too many questions!

Crispin is brave
Many situations in this story call for Crispin to be brave and he answers that call. Crispin is brave because he always puts his life in danger to be with the ones he loves. In one case, Crispin battles many soldiers to free Bear from a leader of soldier bandits named Dudley. This is remarkably brave, for Crispin is a peaceful man and has never used a sword up to that point in the story. Another instance where Crispin is brave is when their boat wrecks in a strange place, and Crispin climbs a treacherous cliff to scout where they are.

Crispin is strong
Crispin is strong both mentally and physically. In one way, Crispin, who is a devout Catholic, has the mental and physical strength to kill a man and battle many more. Another way...
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