Beowulf Essay Questions

Topics: Beowulf, Hroðgar, Heorot Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: September 26, 2010
9/2/10 James O’Neill from Beowulf: Grendel
Who were Grendel’s earliest ancestors? How did he come to exist?
Cain the eldest son of Adam and Eve, and other demons. He came to exist when the demons split into evil forms. What is meant by “The beginning might not be the end”?
Hrothgar fears that Grendel may come again and that his first attack will not be the last. In what way has hate triumphed?
Because Grendel’s hate has driven everyone from Herot.
What does the phrase “hell-forged hands” suggest about Grendel?
That Grendel is deadly and has deadly claws.
What does Grendel’s inability to know God’s love suggest about him?
That he is pure evil and therefore cannot know God’s love. Why do you think it is so important to Beowulf to fight Grendel with no weapons?
Because he does not want his lord to think less of him for using weapons. What service did Hrothgar perform for Beowulf’s father?
He sent treasures and money to Edgetho’s kingdom.
Why is Grendel trying to run away from Beowulf?
Because Beowulf has him pinned and Grendel cannot use his claws as a weapon. Why do you think no weapons can hurt Grendel?
Because Grendel had bewitched every mortal mans weapons so that they could not hurt him. Why do you think Beowulf hangs Grendel’s arms from the rafters of Herot?
So that no one would doubt that the terror was over.
>Thinking Through the Literature
1. Grendel has terrifying claws that scare everyone. Also he has magic powers to make it so no weapons can hurt him. 2.That he is the perfect hero. However he is a little reckless. 3.Grendel’s origins make him inherently evil and therefore drives him to attack humans. Also he was driven mad by the noise that the people made in the hall. 4.Because he wants to repay his debt to Hrothgar for helping his father.
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