Crimson Tide Paper

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Royal Navy Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Crimson Tide
MAN 3281
Systems Analysis Midterm

A.)Danzell Washington’s cognitive roles were complete opposites. Their mental actions, process of knowledge through their own experiences, and senses were both clearly displayed during the films conflicts. The Captain of the Navy’s ship, USS Alabama was Gene Hackman. The Captain’s XO, also known as the executive officer, was Danzell Washington.

The Captain was a very experienced and a veteran at the ship. He was highly powered on the ship and with the XO’s consent in certain areas, the Captain was the head of the ship and it’s men. The XO was also at the top of the ranks, knew the regulations, and proto calls exceptionally well for the ship’s procedures. Danzell would refer to the regulations during a conflicting order with the Gene over a nuclear missile launch. The two had very different behavior qualities. (Crimson Tide, 1995)

Utilizing the configuration of the MBTI, the captain was comparable to an ENTJ personality. His “thinking judgment” was firm-minded all the time. For example, during the fire in the kitchen, he decided to call a drill during the crisis. When the XO questioned him, stating that he felt the fire was more important to contain, rather than calling a practice drill. The “judgment” end of the Captain’s behavior is described by the MBTI as wanting closure, even when data or orders in this instance are incomplete. The XO on the other hand was shown to be an example of the ISFP personality. An “introvert” who is one that considers deeply before acting. His “perception” is seen as resisting closure; until more data is obtain to reach a final decision. As seen in the film, the captain wanting to follow through with the missile launch and the XO called to the regulations to with hold launch, when the message was sent incomplete. (Lawrence, 1993) B.)The USS Alabama is dominated by a mechanistic organization and management structure. The operations of the ship utilize a high degree of...
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