Antwone Fisher: from Foster Care to the Navy

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  • Published : June 23, 2012
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Antwone Fisher is in a battle with himself. He doesn’t understand why until he crosses paths with a man by the name of Jerome Davenport who changes his life forever. While he is in the Navy, Antwone Fisher discovers his emotional outbursts and violent attitude is not tolerated. Antwone was sent to visit Dr. Jerome Davenport (played by Denzel Washington) to explain his outbursts, when his true problems then fall on the table.

Antwone never had anyone to talk to or someone to listen to his problems. Dr. Jerome Davenport is the first person to hear Antwone Fisher’s story and guides this young man to find light in his life. Dr. Davenport hears all about Antwone’s rough life, from his father being killed before he was born and his 17 year old prison inmate mother giving him up for adoption. He got stuck in a foster home where he had to endure emotional and physical violence, and his foster ‘auntie’ abused him sexually, verbally and abusively.

“I felt such sympathy for the real life Antwone Fisher”, says John Stone, as he speaks for most people. This story hits home for a lot of people, and after the fact they realize that this was based on a true story. Despite being a true story, John Stone points out the movie has “aimless pace, wooden acting and is emotionally exploitative”. “The movie suffers from its pacing and ambitious reach”, states Mr. Stone, and he goes on to explain it was “predictability timed and {had} cut flashbacks” even though the movie was moving. John Stone was simply wrong whenDenzel Washington was “unable to summon that creativity and imagination to serve his direction”. Denzel Washington played the part of a strict senior officer that’s highly educated and well respected.

Denzel Washington played an important role in the movie as he created the connection between Antwone Fisher’s past and present. As a director though, Carol rightfully argues that “Washington’s directorial debut as formulaic and unimaginative”. But as far as the...
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