Captain Honors Behavior

Topics: United States Navy, Aircraft carrier, Navy Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Captain Honors Behavior
Commander of the USS Enterprise, Captain Honors was videoed using anti-gay slurs, mimicking masturbation, and other sexual innuendos. These videos were aired on the air carrier’s closed-circuit television system in 2006 and 2007. The videos show Captain Honors acting immature and undisciplined rather than an experienced navy captain. Although officers who were on the USS Enterprise at the time the videos were aired and did not take offence to them, the way Captain Honors conducted himself in the videos does not fit the schema for an effective leader. Schema

Individuals viewing the content of the videos in which Captain Honors stars in will have to process the information to decide if they feel he is an effective leader. When the raw information (the video) is interpreted into mental representations encoding is required. The viewers will divide the information into cognitive categories to consider if they are equivalent. For instance is the man on the video equivalent to their schema of a successful leader. A schema, being the mental picture or summery a person has of a particular event or type of stimulus. When visualizing a schema of an effective leader, most individuals picture someone who represents authority, knowledge, and having the ability to effectively communicate in a professional way. The videos that were shown of Captain Honors do not show a man of authority, knowledge or professional communication. Even if Captain is an effective leader, which officers who have worked with him in the past have said, due to the videos he will be stereotyped as immature, undisciplined, and recruits will find a hard time taking his orders seriously. Conclusion

Due to the behavior that Captain Honors demonstrates in the videos; using anti-gay slurs, mimicking masturbation, and other sexual innuendos, he does not fit the schema for an effective leader. It will be difficult for employees to look at him as a person of authority when he...
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