Criminal Psychology

Topics: Prison, Penology, Corrections Pages: 6 (2471 words) Published: January 31, 2013
The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has many many threats to consider when operating its day to day activities. These threats include everything from internal threats due to inmate actions to external threats from items being smuggled in through e intra state inmate laundry services. In order to address these threats, the state is in a constant situation where it is perpetually evaluating its operations and updating them based on new regulations from the governor and from its own lessons learned. For the sake of this book report I am going to focus on the employees and inmates as internal threats to the institution. It may be a bit hard to realize it, but in any business or government agency, employees can constitute a large percentage of the threats. The threats can range anywhere from simple theft of office supplies to in the case of the department of corrections, the smuggling in of cellphone which can result in the continued harassment of inmate victims as a result of social networking media like Facebook or twitter. While working at a prison there is a large amount of internal threats caused by inmates and disobedient employees. The first threat I would consider is the introduction of illegal substances. The reasons employees bring in illegal substances are numerous. It can be for the promise of money, the promise of preferred treatment by inmates, or even through blackmail if you do something for an inmate and he threatens to turn you in if you do not do this “favor” for him / her. Even if you do not do something wrong an inmate can trick you into thinking if you do not do this they will claim that you sexually assaulted them, there by destroying your career and giving you a reputation as a homosexual, which depending on your friends and work environment, could be extremely negative. In order to take on this form of threat from an employee the first thing the security manager will need to do is initiate a training plan the involves various real life situations and how to deal with them. I would consider also constructing vignettes that deal with situations specific to the prison I am responsible for and develop them accordingly. Upon successful initiation of this training I would hope to allow employees to better identify when an inmate has targeted and started to develop a blackmail course of action against an employee. After conducting training that will allow employees a better ability to detect the black mail set-up I would then start to war game different policies that would assist my employees to biter deal with it. The policies dealing with inmate black mail will first set in place a way for employees to report, on a centralized database, a situation that may signal a possible start of inmate black mail. This database will be accessible by all employees and allow them to individually track the actions of suspected inmates interacting with specific employees. After enough evidence is collected on a specific inmate official charges can be filed or the inmate can be sent to another prison where he would have to start all over again, or live out some time in the Restricted Housing Unit. The plan I would install would involve conducting black mail training prior to the start of the first unsupervised day of work. This will allow the employee the best opportunity for the employee success in their career. As the system is right now, even a simple charge of suspecting to assist an inmate in bringing in contraband or information could result in transfer or shift change. The next internal threat I would address as security manager would involve elimination of contraband in the prison. Inmates and corrupt employees are constantly looking at ways to get things into the prison walls. Because of the rule of supply and demand applies in the prison system as well, simple items like chocolate bars, premium cigarettes, and even pre-paid envelopes can catch a high price. Because of the increased...
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