Criminal Minds

Topics: Crime, Gang, Police Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: September 10, 2011
Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds


Criminal Minds
Version Two Episode One, Season One
Robert Reiner author Law and Order

The character “Morgan” played by shemar moore in the T V series Criminal Minds took on a case involving a serial killer who uses two type of guns to kill his victims, the killer is finding his victims threw gangs what he would do is call in the police and ambush the police when they were on sight wounding sometimes killing the police officers the criminal minds team are in a small town in Arizona they are confused about why the killer is using gangs to cover his tracks, the police are baffled and are in a uprage about there fellow officers being gunned down in broad day light, they have the whole town on alert looking for and asking for help in regards to the police killings, the gangs in the neighborhood are unwilling to help the police solve or even figure out who this person is back at head quarter “baby doll” as morgan calls her looks up and tracks down possible leads to help solve the mystery of the serial killer, the criminal minds team is having problems controlling the police department , the officers want to go after the gangs and especially and certain gang with the gang leader name play boy the suspect that the police thinks did it is brought into custody by the police and questioned the criminal mind team believes that this is a major mistake that this could give the unsub time to change his main objective, this story of course ends with the criminal minds team finding the suspect and taking him into custody while he is in custody the gang that the police was harassing kills the suspect for payback for them being harassed and accused of the crime, the main points of the movie that I chose was why do people kill is this something mentally that makes them feel good or is this something inside of them that makes them do horrible acts of violence, I...
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