Criminal Justice: Community Supervision

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Guest Speaker: Mr. Jim Paul of the New Jersey State Intensive Supervision Program. On April 02, 2013, by the directives of Professor John M. Paitakes, PhD, Mr. Jim Paul an officer of the New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program, and a former subordinate of Dr. Paitakes for so many years during their Probation careers was our guest speaker who lectured our Criminal Justice 2618AA Class of Community Supervision, on ISP. Mr. Jim Paul, an Officer of the New Jersey State Intensive Supervision Program (ISP), presentations to the class was very, very informative and detailed to the entire class. During his lecture, he stressed very forcefully the importance of the Intensive Supervision Program, and this program’s better treatment in helping and rehabilitating those first degree or some second degree drug abusers and dealers. Mr. Paul also stated how the program help prepare offenders or participants to maintain employment. Employment is an intrinsic part of the Intensive Supervision Program’s philosophy. Mr. Paul also noted that some or more participants became economically self-sufficient, and maintains a law-abiding lifestyle in their communities. He also stressed that some individuals or participants without prior work history or experience learn to report to work responsibly and in a timely manner, support themselves, and attain skills that help their future. Participants have thirty days after being employed to inform their employers that they are under Intensive Supervision Program’s supervision. Mr. Paul said that ISP staff members will authorize employer notifications. He said again that those employed participants are required to file federal and state tax returns and provide their officers with copies of the tax returns. Participants who are unemployed may enforce for community service requirements as a retributive measure for participants who commit minor Intensive Supervision rule violations....
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