Drugs and Differences Between Coerced and Voluntary Treatment

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  • Published : July 2, 2012
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Discuss the differences between a substance abuse program (SAP) in prison and a program in the outside community. Discuss the differences between coerced and voluntary treatment. The readings address the use of coerced counseling in the prison system and that successes are dependent upon acceptance or willingness to adhere to the group's counseling goals. What devices are available to ensure the success of counseling provided inside the institution? How do we judge the system's effects on crime prevention? Explain in 200-250 words.

Substance abuse programs in prison differ from those outside the community in that a lot of prisons offer inmates a chance to attend classes or treatments that will inevitably benefit them without the pressures of outside influences where substances are easily attainable. In the outside world inmates are in a sense like school age kids in that they can be pressured (peer pressure) into continuing their addictions and this can be extremely hard for an inmate.

A community based program would be more beneficial though because of being watched and an ex-inmate can have the feeling of being in a safe environment as well as having all of their information kept in confidence. A community based program also gives an inmate a chance to realize their wrong doings and allow them a chance to see that they can live in society without substances to get through their days.

A coerced treatment can cause an inmate to resist society if they are released and have a high amount of resentment. When an inmate is coerced into treatments there is a higher potential for them to fail versus succeeding. On the other hand, voluntary treatments will allow for a more positive influence from the inmate. When an inmate is going through a treatment on a voluntary basis he or she will be more responsive as well as feel more motivated to complete the treatment. This will undoubtedly have a more positive outcome and allow for success....
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