Criminal Interview Techniques

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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In the current times of criminal investigation, the interview is very important in making or breaking the case at hand. Many of the processes that police or criminal investigators use today tend to relate to a psychological tactic that breaks down their suspects. However, how far can the police or an investigator go before it is too much on the suspect? The whole purpose of an interview is to gather information about a crime and attempt to make sense of the crime. Nonetheless, investigation will continue until there is enough information or possibly a confession surfaces. Gudjonsson and Pearse relate to two different types of interrogation that have been identified throughout the years in the United States and the United Kingdom- the Reid Technique (United States) and the PEACE model (United Kingdom). Both are used to psychologically understand the suspect’s story of the crime and to purposely attain any important information possible. However, the Reid technique is more aggressive than the PEACE model. The purpose of the article was to express the concern that the authors have for the techniques of these models, especially the Reid technique, which they find very aggressive and inhumane. In the end, there will be an explanation of why these techniques work but furthermore, which one should be used and which one should not even be considered.

Throughout the article, the authors express the strengths and weaknesses of both techniques to the extent that the reader can understand the usefulness of both. What needs to be understood is that both of these techniques have been used by investigative professionals and that they understand the dangers that come with the criminal investigative process. On the other hand, it is their job, and they have a crime to solve every time they use one of these investigative tactics. Therefore, that is why the authors of this article explain in depth both techniques and how they are used to solve even the most serious crimes. When...
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