Crime in Belize

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Crime statistics Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Crime in Belize
Analyse the current crime situation in Belize, draw your views on experience, perspective and observation. Support your report with additional research information. Review relating newspaper articles, education journals etc. to support your case.

The Crime situation in Belize:
Criminal activity of any nature has been on the increase in our country. With a population of approximately 312,698 persons (Statistical Institute of belize, 2010) Belize has a total of 2,766 crimes reported in 2011 and six more reported in 2012 at 2,772. Of this amount 56 of the crimes reported fell in the category of Carnal Knowledge. In 2011, Belize experienced the spread of violent crime to the north and west of the country. Previously, the majority of violent crime largely occurred in the poor and violent southwest of Belize City. (2012 Crime Statistics Released by the Police Department, 2013) The title read, “A seventeen year old boy has been detained for carnal knowledge of a fourteen year old girl.” This type of crime has been reported on a weekly basis in the news and in the newspaper. This time the crime took place in the Orange Walk District in the boy’s family home. The report was made by the girl accompanied by her grandmother, which resulted in her being taken to a doctor who examined and certified that she was carnally known. (Amandala, 2013) It is not unusual for the minors who are victims of such crimes to be accompanied by someone other than the biological mother. Factors that increase the crime rate:

Poverty is one factor that criminal activity can be attributed to, as those affected by poverty cannot afford a sound or sufficient education to be able to provide for themselves and their family. Poverty compounded by troubled homes or homes that are single parent also impacts a person’s decision to commit crimes either out of desperation or because they do not have that much needed role model to point them in the right direction. The...
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