Creativity at Litmus

Topics: Leadership, Prince, Funk Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: March 3, 2013

Case Analysis

Executive Summary:
The Hyatt team is working for a new potential business on a new product, lightweight and durable plastic tableware. The golden boy of the team, Miles Grady, is under pressure because of the approaching growth review of Litmus Corporation. Litmus Corporation is a global chemicals company that always evaluates new products and projects. Hyatt team is trying to finish at least the draft for the project, however Miles Grady is stressed with unnecessary paperwork and workload.

Problem Statement:
* Approaching deadlines of the growth review for the Neostyrene project * Changing schedules of the growth reviews causes stress on the whole team. * The most creative member of the team is spending his time too much with other unnecessary things instead of focusing on the project. * The group leader is weak on the social and psychological subtleties of his role. He is uncertain either to push his team or relax the team with more time. It is also his first leadership position. * The pressure of failure for this project.

Summary of Facts:
Miles Grady, a creative member of Litmus Corporation, had invented a unique item from plastic for a tableware company. The product was successful, so the development team wanted to demonstrate the product on the growth review meeting, where new ideas were proposed and voted to go on the next step. Litmus Corporation, a global chemical firm, is always looking for potential businesses. They had many ongoing projects on the same time. These projects had their own strict time limits and resources. Due to Litmus Corporation policy, the managers needed to be convinced about the profitability, that the product would generate at least $100 million within 7 to 10 years. Miles Grady, who was the innovative and creative member of the group, was struggling with the workload due the approaching review deadline in one week. He was struggling...
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