Cpt Coding Categories

Topics: Code, Aneurysm, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (254 words) Published: November 22, 2010
CPT coding has three categories and although the codes are grouped into section they can be used by all types of physicians. Category I codes which are the most numerous they have five code digits with no decimals. I would say a buzzword for Category I is numerous because its has many codes. Services that are included in this category are as follow 1) Evaluation and Management

2) Anesthesia
3) Surgery
4) Pathology and Laboratory
5) Radiology
6) Medicine
An example of Category I: 99204 Office visit for evaluation and management of a new patient.
Category II codes are used to track performance measures for medical goals such as reducing tobacco use. These are not paid for by insurance carrier and also have alphabetic character as their fifth digit. A buzzword for this category would be optional because people have the choice of doing this method. They help the development of best practices for care and improve documentation. Service included is 1) Tobacco use, smoking assessed.

2) Tobacco use cessation intervention, counseling.

Ex: 0002F is tobacco use, smoking assessed.
0004F: Tobacco use cessation intervention, counseling.

Category III codes are temporary codes for emerging technology services and procedures. These codes also have alphabetic character for the fifth digit. A buzzword would be temporary because the procedures are temporary. A temporary code may become permanent part of the regular code if services identifies proves effective and widely performed.

Ex: 0041T Urinalysis infections agent détection.
Ex: 0001T Endovascular repairs of infrared abdominal aortic aneurysm or dissection.
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