Coworking, Its History and Future

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  • Published : November 22, 2012
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Coworking, its history and future
Author: Anna Kuzicheva, group 3211
scientific adviser: Ekaterina E.Petrova

Lately we often hear a new word “coworking”, and young businessmen enjoy talking about it. But what is “coworking”? Let’s try to understand it. Coworking originates from “working together”. It is a way people organize their work. Each person is independent, but a company of people uses same working space to create new ideas and work. Coworking is particularly popular among freelancers, teleworkers, translators, programmers, designers and entrepreneurs. It is something similar to teleworking and working in an office. A separate place for working together is also called “coworking”. In 2005 a young programmer Brad Neuberg met a difficult problem while moving up the career ladder. “I can either work in an office and have a stable position among my colleagues, or work as a freelancer and be free and independent. But is it possible to both interact with colleagues and be independent?” So he tried to connect both benefits. He rented a large floor in an office building and offered other freelancers to work there. This approach was called coworking, because several freelancers and startups work simultaneously in one place. Another interesting approach is called “being place”. This type of cafés has recently appeared in Russia. The atmosphere of this place makes you come back again and again. So what is it? A common café is place where one eats food and has a cup of coffee. There are many waiters and they move back and forth. Loud music makes it difficult to listen to your friends, and air is full of cigarette smoke. One should plan his visit to a café beforehand, order several dishes and have enough money to pay for them. And it’s really difficult to imagine a café without waiters and music, but being places can help you. They are absolutely different. They aim at social activities and help one rest or meet others. One can’t find delicious dishes or alcohol...
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