Anxiety and Depression in the Workplace

Topics: Anxiety, Panic disorder, Anxiety disorder Pages: 9 (3094 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Research Question: Does the Workplace cause Anxiety and Depression on Employees, and what is the impact on the Employees and Organization? The Topic of this assignment is focusing mainly on the Anxiety and Depression in the workplace; the possible and positive methods of dealing with such situations and the impact on the overall performance of the organization. The Topic is of critical importance from an organizational perspective due to the substantial link between the activities carried out by the organizations and the employees of those organizations. Most of the daily operations of any organization are either fully or partially run by employees, who constitute the key tool for any organization success or failure. Hence, any factors that affect or jeopardize the functionality of the employee’s in the workforce, whether health related or otherwise, will definitely have direct negative impact on the organization, its operations, customers, clients, stakeholders, directors and shareholders as well as its financial results. Key terms:

Anxiety, Depression, Workplace, Performance, Organization, Employee(s) Key Terms Definitions:
For the purposes of this assignment, the Key Terms shall have the following meaning: Anxiety: means a state of mind which creates mixed set of psychological or physiological syndromes that cause panic, worry and anxious feelings, including but not limited to, specific fears, social obsession and phobia which may have impact on persons’ feeling and behavior in life. Depression: means a state of mind which creates set of damaging feelings, including but not limited to, loss of interest or pleasure, sadness, unhappiness, triviality, feeling down, which may replicate loss or increase of weight and sleeping problems. Workplace: means a place where an organization, company, establishment, factory or any other entity carrying activities in a shared domicile whether for business purposes or not. Performance: means actual level of efforts, attempts and work carried out by employee or Organization at specific period of time for the purpose of meeting objectives and delivering outcomes together with the actual results that have been achieved. Organization: means any entity in any form of set up created with specific objectives for the purpose of undertaking functions and/or carrying out activities within specific community aiming to achieve its objectives. Employee(s): means any individual who is assigned with specific job or tasks for others against financial or non-financial consideration. List of Thirty References:

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