Course Syllabus: Managerial Accounting

Topics: Management accounting, United States bankruptcy law, Grade Pages: 12 (2706 words) Published: March 7, 2013
fffffffffffffffffCOURSE SYLLABUS
Spring 2013
Frank Stearns
Riverside Community College
Spring 2013


Table of Contents
General Information3
1.1Contact Information and Communications3
1.2Course Description3
1.3Learning Outcomes3
Identification of Course/Reading Materials3
2.1Text and Materials3
2.2Internet Access4
2.4Web-CT / Open Campus5
2.5Log on Instructions5
Course Requirements5
3.1Class Calendar (Due Dates and Testing Schedule)5
3.2Assignments / Homework5
3.3Chapter Assignments6
3.5Chapter Quizzes6
3.7Final Exam6
Instructor Policies7
4.1Chapter Quiz Review7
4.2Class Attendance7
4.3Grading Procedures8
4.4Questions and Answers8
Other Important Items9
5.1Statement of Accommodations9
5.2Tutorial Services9
5.3Suggested Study Approach9
5.4Course Articulation9
Appendix A - Text and Materials11
Appendix B - Due Dates12
Appendix C - Chapter Assignments13

General Information

1.1Contact Information and Communications

The preferred method is via the class discussion board. Any communications outside of the class discussion board must include your name and “Class Code”.
Other methods of communication are as follows:

Off Campus Telephone 222-8553 (8-4 M-F)
Office BE 220-F, Riverside Campus

1.2Course Description

1B Principles of Accounting – Continues the introduction to accounting theory and practice with an in depth study of corporations, financial statement analysis, manufacturing, cost and tax accounting. Prerequisite: Accounting 1A

1.3Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

1. Analyze, explain, solve problems and apply managerial accounting principles to manufacturing and service enterprises within a business entity. 2. Interpret relevant accounting data in manual and computerized accounting information systems useful for decision making about business entities. 3. Demonstrate the ability to continue in a university program of accounting or acquire the required background in any field of business administration.

The accounting profession has become increasingly technology advanced. The accounting student needs to learn how to utilize the technology available. You will need to learn respond and attach the items to a link.

Identification of Course/Reading Materials

2.1Text and Materials

* Text - Managerial Accounting, 11th Edition (you must use the 11th edition)
Warren, Reeve & Duchac, Cengage Learning.
1. ISBN- 10: 0-538-48090-4
2. ISBN- 13: 978-0-538-48090-1

* Access code for “WebTutor on Blackboard” (available at the book store & on-line) 3. ISBN- 10: 1-111-61463-6 4. ISBN- 13: 978-1-111-61463-8

The book comes in several formats including:
* Traditional bound paperback
* Loose leaf
* And an eBook

The publisher also has a double book for Accounitng 1A & 1B and uses labels for each chapter using two methods. For instance the first chapter can be shown as M Chapter 1 or M&F Chapter 16. 1. First, using the Managerial Accounting textbook (“M”). 2. Second, using the combination Financial/Managerial accounting textbook (“F&M”).

See Appendix A

2.2Internet Access

You must have access to a computer with Internet connection. You may use a computer at the home or office. I strongly recommend you use the Internet connection provided by RCCD; it is free, reliable and fast. If you choose to use a non RCC connection you are at your own risk. I do not suggest a dial-up connection; the...
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