Intermediate Management Accounting

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BMAN20671 Intermediate Management Accounting

Assessed Coursework for 2012/13
For First Semester Exchange Students


The coursework is due to be submitted to the Undergraduate Services Office in MBSE by 3:00pm on Thursday December 13th 2012. The course work collection point will close at 3pm. Please note that assessed essays may be submitted prior to the due date, and you are encouraged to do so where possible. Your assignment is to be submitted as a paper copy and, in addition, a copy should be sent by email to ted.o’ by 3:00pm on Thursday December 13th 2012.

The time of submission of the paper copy to the Undergraduate Services Office will be used to determine whether the coursework has been submitted on time, or whether it should be subjected to a late-submission penalty. Students can collect a form for submission of coursework from the Undergraduate Services reception office in MBSE Atrium/D20, and the completed form will be receipted at the time of handing in the piece of coursework.

The assessed coursework consists of an essay of 1200 words (excluding bibliography), as detailed below. Any essay exceeding this limit by more than 10% will be penalized by 5% of the total mark. In addition, the School applies penalties for late submission of coursework, details of which are provided in the document Presentation and Submission of Undergraduate Assessed Coursework that is available on the undergraduate intranet. You need to refer to this document also to familiarize yourself with policies on plagiarism and improper forms of collusion in writing an essay. The document provides essential guidelines for the proper layout and method of submission of your assessed coursework.

Your marked essay will not be returned to you, so you should ensure that you retain a copy of your essay for your own records. You will, however, receive a feedback sheet (example attached below), which gives your overall mark and indicates...
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