Counselling Essay

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  • Published : May 29, 2011
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The task of counselling can help another person to explore thoughts and feelings to reach a clearer understanding or make appropriate decisions and take appropriate action. Carl Rogers is an important figure in the approach and use of counselling. Rogers devised a person centred approach model which recognises that individuals are responsible for themselves and will grow and develop as they work through obstacles, as they are the true experts on themselves. Rogers identified four main qualities which are needed by workers in the counselling process. These are: Empathy – Rogers describes empathy as the ability to sense the client’s world as if it were your own. He emphasised the importance of being able to sensitively identify and understand the client’s feelings without getting them muddled up with your own. Genuineness – This involves the counsellor being his or her real self without a front or facade and without acting like an ‘’expert’’. It also means that the counsellor should not deny or avoid but be aware of his or her feelings and then not be afraid of expressing them if appropriate. Non-judgemental acceptance – This involves accepting people as they are without judging them. It means that the counsellor must believe that the client is a worthwhile human being. It does not mean that the counsellor must accept all of the behaviours of a person, it simply means that the client is seen as a human being of equal value. Warmth - non-threatening and welcoming experience where an atmosphere of trust can develop. Last Tuesday in my placement while I was sitting in on a course for people with addictions one of the clients began chatting to me. He began to tell me how they had just split up from his partner of ten years. It was clear to me that he was getting upset so I suggested that we move to a quieter area so we could have some privacy. I explained that whatever he wanted to talk about and whatever he told me would be kept confidential and that I...
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