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Where does your father fit into this?

Here the patient is asked to put feelings or thoughts into action. For example, the therapist encourage Helen to say it to her father and mother using by using role playing, she placed a pillow in the other chair which represented the person she had been internalizing. The patient with tears in her eyes might be asked to "put words to it." Enactment is intended as a way of increasing awareness, not as a form of catharsis. It is not a universal remedy. It’s not fair. For example Helen felt that her father got the benefit, but he did not put in the nurture time she felt he should have, and she didn’t think it was fair. The therapist used the pillow in the other chair as an enactment of Helens father. A special form of enactment is asked to exaggerate some feeling, thought, movement, etc., in order to feel the more intense enacted or fantasized vision. Enactment, can both stimulate creativity and be therapeutic. For instance, Helen who had been talking about her mother without showing any special emotion was asked to internalize her. Out of her description came the suggestion that every time she heard “no” it would be her mother’s voice o her father speaking in her mother’s voice. As Helen adopted this posture and movement; intense feelings came back into her awareness. Nichol et al. says, “Empty chair technique or chair work is typically used in Gestalt therapy to explore patients' relationships with themselves or other people in their lives. The technique involves the client addressing the empty chair as if another person was in it.”(Nichol, et al. 2008) Nichol, et al. says, They may also move between chairs and act out two or more sides of a discussion, typically involving the patient and persons significant to them. A form of role-playing, the technique focuses on exploration of self and is utilized by therapists to help patients self-adjust.

Nichol, M. P. & Schwartz, R. C. (2008). Family Therapy:...
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