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Examination of how crisis in the home affect children and adolescents with disabilities Asia Spann
Capella University

After doing so research and coming up with a research question, I found three articles to be very interesting. These three articles looked at how children and adolescents with disabilities are affected by crisis in the home. These articles looked at how grandparent’s involvement with the children or adolescent either helped or hindered the impact on the child or parents. These articles also focused on how parent occupation influenced how much time they spent with the child or adolescent with disability. This paper will look into the lives of children and adolescents and give an understanding of how children and adolescents as well as their families cope with disabilities.

Crisis in the Home
One might wonder what is the true definition of a developmental disability. A developmental disability is a cognitive, emotional, or physical impairment, especially one related to abnormal sensory or motor development that appears in infancy or childhood, and involves a failure or delay on progressing through the normal developmental stages. Working in the field of psychology I can peruse my goals and dreams of working with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities as a counseling psychologist. I can begin to make a change in the lives of children and adolescents. To me working towards becoming a counseling psychologist means paving the way buy giving these children and adolescents a voice. I want them to be able to communicate to me all their want, needs, and desires without having their parent or guardian be their voice. In the past I have worked with children, adolescents, and even adults with developmental disabilities and these individuals were never able to express how they really felt. There was someone always they to do it for them. I want to be the one to make a change. And for this reason I have decided to research: How crisis in the home affects children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. Grandparent in the lived of grandchildren

After doing some research I found a few articles that relate perfectly to my concern about how crisis in the home affect children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. The first article entitled grandparents in the lives of grand children with disabilities: Mothers perceptions discusses the grandparent’s involvement according to the mothers of these individuals with disabilities. Over the last decade the number of grandparents that support children and adolescents with disabilities has increased. A study done by Gardner et al (1994) asked grandparents about their involvement and role as a grandparent to children and adolescents with disabilities. Grandparents reported being involved in these children and adolescents lives twice as much as the parents. Some even reported bring the parent as well as grandparent. Their involvement included caring for the child or adolescent mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is very interesting because my grandmother was one of these grandparents. She took care of my four cousins whose parents were drug abusers. Two of my cousins were diagnosed with MR. The other two were perfectly normal. So I can only imagine the things these grandparents are going thru caring for their grandchildren. My grand mom provided my cousins with everything they needed from love to material things they wanted and needed. This article was very interesting seeing the views the mothers have regarding how involved their parents were when it came to their child or adolescent with a developmental disability. Hornby and Ashworth (1994) asked parents with children and disabilities to indicate the types of support children's grandparents provided. About 75 percent reported their parents never helped or did very little. The other 25 percent reported their parents did help. My grand mom was a part of...
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