Cottle Taylor Case Study

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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1.a. Following factors determine demand for toothbrushes-
Its need, its usage( timely disposal) ,awareness regarding usage of toothbrushes, buying habits of consumers, demography ,promotion of the toothbrush, price of toothbrush, income of consumers, Government policies. b. Factors like demography ,government policies and usage patterns are environmental factors. c. Marketers don’t have much influence over environmental factors but they can influence the usage and buying habits of the consumers. d. Cottle should target the rural and semi urban market.

2.Following could be the marketing objectives Cottle can have- a.To educate the people and create awareness for oral care products. b.Increase the demand for their product.
c.Increase the sales and revenue from their products.
d.To acquire more market share than the competitors.

3.Yes Cottle has enjoyed first movers advantage. Now it has highest share in market. They could now create demand for their products and can make consumers habituated of their product. This would help them to manipulate the consumers buying habits. They also have the benefit of being the only providers of the Battery operated toothbrushes.

4.In our view Patel should target the low-end manual and mid-range manual toothbrushes rather than targeting battery operated because the sales of battery operated toothbrushes are low considering its high price. Considering the huge semi urban and rural market which can be the potential target , low-end manual and mid-range manual would be ideal for such markets considering their less costs.

5.Indian toothbrush market can be segmented on bases of the cultures. India is country of various cultures and people even today follow their culture, like the one of using neem twigs for brushing teeth. So the marketers of Cottle can identify such people and can educate them about the utility of their products.

6.Allocating equal promotion budget for all the...
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