Cosmopolitan: an Advertiser's Playground

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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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Christine Johnson
Mr. C. Bell
English 1101
13 September 2006
Cosmopolitan: An Advertiser Playground
One glimpse at the cover of Cosmopolitan, and a rush of emotions assaulted my senses. To begin with, mega pop star Christina Aguilera strikes a bold pose on the cover and superimposed around her are titles like “30 Sex Boosters,” “Discover the sex fantasy 68% of men have,” and my favorite, “Every guy’s private marriage checklist”. Each eye catching title entices the reader to open up and discover. Who wouldn’t want to add thirty sex boosters to their repertoire? However, there is a catch. The reader must be prepared to swift through numerous amounts of advertisement before getting to the promised articles. The October’s issue of Cosmopolitan has two hundred and sixty nine pages. Of those pages, seventy-nine contained an actual article, survey, story, or non-ad related information: that’s only thirty percent. Cosmopolitan is a magazine primarily marketed toward women. Therefore, by inundating their targeted readers with an abundance of advertisements and offering a scarce amount of literary works, the editors and writers of the magazine make a statement that shopping is more important to women than reading. Most magazines have advertisements. It makes sense to have them because advertisers pay for the privilege and the added revenue that advertising generate increases profit margins. However, not all magazines have a seventy-thirty percent ratio of advertisement to articles. (Do some research and include some comparisons of other magazines like, GQ and Time magazines.) Perhaps the editor of Cosmopolitan had a valid reason for including so many ads in the magazine so I decided to slowly go through the magazine to see if I could come up with this valid reason. I began my search at page one and, immediately, I had to do adjust to the strong scent emanating from the magazine. The first four pages had an advertisement for Pleasures;...
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