Corwin Corporation Case Analysis

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152.752 Project Management
Assignment Three: Case Analysis and Report
Name: LIU Wei
Student ID: 12094949

Corwin Corporation Project Management Failure Case Analysis

Executive Summary

The purpose of this article is to explore the real reasons hidden behind the event of project termination between Corwin Corporation with the Peters Company. The decision of taking this project was made slapdash by Corwin Corporation just a few weeks before Charismas under the pressure of Peters Company. After three months, the project was finally cancelled just on the early testing stage by the client unilaterally. This project failure led to not only financial loss for Corwin, but also cessation of relations with Peters Company which is one of the most important and also a difficult customer. Corwin as the synonymous with quality has stringent requirements for any project selection around product-based initiatives from outside client. However, under the pressure and the temptation of further undefined...
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