Corruption in Pakistan

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  • Topic: Deviance, Asceticism, Appeasement
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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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1. Abate (decrease, subside, grow less, decline, fade away, fall, stop, halt, end, terminate, rise (Antonym) 2. Aberrant (abnormal, unusual, deviant, anomalous, peculiar, uncharacteristic, irregular, atypical, normal 3. Abeyance ( no found)

4. Abscond (Run away, Escape, Break out, Leave suddenly, Make off, Flee, Run off). 5. abstemious (self-denying, self-disciplined, moderate, ascetic, sober, temperate, teetotal, unrestrained (Antonym) 6. admonish (reprove, caution, warn about, give a warning, reprimand, rebuke, reproach, tell off, scold, chide, approve (Antonym) 7. adulterate (contaminate, taint, make impure, spoil, pollute, infect, ruin, purify(Antonym) 8. aesthetic (artistic, visual )

9. aggregate (collective, total, combined, cumulative amassed summative comprehensive ) 10. alacrity (eagerness,enthusiasm,readiness,quickness,promptness,speed,swiftness rapidity, eenness,zeal,sluggishness(Antonym) 11. alleviate (ease, lessen, assuage, improve, lighten, aggravate (Antonym) 12. Amalgamate (Merge, Join, Join together, Combine, Unite, Integrate, Mingle, Fuse, Separate (antonym) 13. Ambiguous (Vague, Unclear, Uncertain, Indefinite, Confusing, Indistinct, Hazy, Wooly, Clear (antonym) 14. Ambivalence ( not found)

15. Ameliorate (Improve, Restructure, Revolutionize, Remodel, Reorganize, Modernize, Rearrange, Upgrade, Amend, Restore) 16. Anachronism (Relic, Survival, Leftover, Holdover)
17. Analogous (Similar, Equivalent, Parallel, Corresponding, Comparable, Like, Related, Akin, Different(antonym) 18. Anarchy (Disorder, Chaos, Lawlessness, Anarchism, Revolution, Mayhem, Rebellion, Order (antonym) 19. Anomalous (irregular, uncharacteristic, strange, abnormal, inconsistent, out of the ordinary, jarring, atypical, unusual, usual (antonym) 20. Antipathy (opposition, aversion, hostility, antagonism, hatred, dislike, ill feeling, goodwill (antonym) 21. Apathy (Indifference, Lack of concern, Lack of...
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