Correlative Conjunctionexercise

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  • Published : September 8, 2010
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Fill in the blanks with the correct correlative conjuction such as both...and, either...or, neither...nor, not...only, not only...but so,, and whether...or.

A. _____ Roger _____ Carlos knows how to speak Russian.

B. _____ _____ did the man lose his keys, _____ he _____ lost his wallet.

C. _____ my uncle _____ my cousin live in San Diego.

D. Her cat doesn’t shed _____ much _____ your cat.

E. You will _____ have to take biology _____ geology next semester.

F. I don’t know _____ I want to take biology _____ geology.

G. Maybe I should take _____ biology _____ geology.

H. I don’t like science classes. I want to take _____ biology _____ geology.

I. My sister is going to _____ England _____ Ireland this summer.

J. My brother cannot take a vacation. He is going to _____ England _____ Ireland.

K. My cousin would like to take a vacation as well. She cannot decide _____ to go to Las Vegas _____ the Grand Canyon.

L. If she has enough time, she will go to _____ Las Vegas _____ the Grand Canyon.

M. She will spend less money is she goes to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is not _____ expensive _____ Las Vegas.

N. _____ _____ is the Grand Canyon less expensive than Las Vegas, _____ it is _____ prettier.

O. Who wrote you this love letter? I’m not sure. I think it was _____ Micheal _____ Paul.

P. _____ Linda _____ Helen called to say sorry. I’m very sad and frustated.

Q. _____ Ryan _____ Susie have dissapointed me. They didn’t come to my birthday party.

R. Paul has been neglecting us. He _____ calls _____ hangs out with us anymore.

S. He hurt _____ her feelings _____ her dignity. This is unforgivable.

T. _____ loyalty _____ honesty are essential in a friendship.

U. You should _____ disrespect _____ deceive your friends.

V. I will take you _____ to the cinema _____ to the theatre. That’s a promise....
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