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SIBM Pune|
Business Strategy Assignment-1|
Priyanka Pandit, Roll no-34131|

Environment analysis and SWOT analysis for Aakash tablet and future strategies for Aakash tablet|

The vendors for the Aakash tablet are Datawind and the development of the tablet was carried out by Datawind in association with IIT-Jodhpur (Rajasthan). SWOT analysis:
* It has powerful specifications and great features:
* The phone display is very good with a size – 190.5×118.5×15.7mm and screen size – 7” resistive * It is light weight, weighing just 350gms
* It has the latest version of Android operating system-Android 2.2 * It has a powerful processor of 366 MHz, plus Graphics Accelerator and HD Video Co-processor * It has a memory capacity of 256 MB RAM and a storage of 2GB which is expandable up to 32GB * It has Connectivity through 2 full sized USB ports

* It has a powerful battery of 2100mAh which can run for 3 hours * It has a camera and video conferencing facilities
* The Aakash tablet comes with the option of Wi-Fi connectivity to browse internet and it does have a SIM card slot too. It also has its own browser- Datawind Accelerated Browser * It has inbuilt cellular modem and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) * It coalesces access to available data in one device

* It is priced low at Rs 2,276 (approximately $50) and approximately Rs. 1500 for students * Any device with access to the Internet can be a powerful learning device. For older students, there are many websites that provide huge opportunities for learning, many of them free Weakness:

* The device has certain problems such as
* The screen is rather unresponsive.
* It also heats up really fast, which means in the heat and dust of India, it could face problems. * It connects to the internet only using Wi-Fi, which means if a student is travelling or in a room that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, he’s stumped. * There are plenty of low-end smartphones that come in under the price range of Aakash; it would be fair to think of the Aakash as a low-end smartphone-like device with a big screen. It is not an iPad challenger * It has a limited product range

* There is also the issue of the Indian consumer’s barrier to technology adoption Opportunities:
* It has a market potential for nearly 220 million Indian students * Just 8 percent of Indians have access to the internet. That compares with nearly 40 percent in China. * It has huge opportunities in the rural markets as well

* India is a price sensitive market and the only challenge for the Tablet PC’s growth will be the prices from the international players * The figures and the growth rate indicate that the Tablet PC market is still a niche market in India and has huge potential in the coming years * With increasing penetration of computing devices in India, the sales of Tablet PC’s will definitely increase many folds making it a USD 800 Million market by 2016 according to TechSci research * In the coming years, consumers will have a wide range of Tablet PC’s to choose from. There will be many players in the industry and the shift from laptops and notebooks to Tablet PC’s will strongly contribute to the robust demand of Tablet PC in India which will in turn continue to drive this industry * The budget tablet could be used to deliver distance learning for students in rural areas * Among tablet PCs priced between Rs 3,500 and Rs 48,000 available in market, those below the Rs 10,000 price seem to be a great hit with the consumers. * As per the data available with Computer Market Research (CMR), Indian consumers will buy around 85,000 tablet PCs in 2012, figures which attracted over 15 players into the category. * By 2017, the number of tablets sold in India will reach approximately 23.38 million as its sales are expected to roughly double every...
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