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When you help bring Google Fiber to your area, you help bring 100 times faster Internet to eligible local schools—without monthly fees. Help bring 100 times the possibilities to all of Kansas City’s students. Pre-register for Google Fiber, and then rally your area to do the same. Get started at

Five reasons why fast Internet benefits students
Being connected to fast Internet means greater access to information, and with broader access students have 100 times the possibilities.

New Ways of Learning
The web has created new, more mobile ways of learning through online tutorials and classrooms. Learning a new language or skill, such as computer programming or simply doing math exercises online, helps supplement and advances the curriculum learned in the classroom.

Students also benefit from accessing these new ways of learning at home. The Federal Communications Commission reports that students with broadband at home have a 7% higher graduation rate.1


Endless Research Opportunities
Access to online libraries, databases, and news articles quickly expands the amount of data students can directly apply to their studies.
Studies have shown that increased Internet usage leads to higher test scores, including one school that achieved a 15% point increase on AP tests.2


Collaboration and Communication
With busy after-school schedules, finding time and a convenient place where everyone can meet gets hard. With the web, you can hold meetings, share ideas, and communicate at a time and location that works for your schedule. The current national average access speed per student is just 6.5 Kbps meaning cutting-edge education applications are inaccessible to most kids.3


Discover, Create, Design, Build
Exposure to new topics, accessibility to online tools and programs, and the freedom to...
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