Coroner Career Journal

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Correct Name of the Career:


Education and/or Training Required:

·Each state has different educational requirements as coroners are elected officials. ·85% of coroners have a doctoral degree
·10% have a bachelor's degree
·Some states require coroners to be licensed and practicing physicians. That meaning that they require oAn undergraduate degree
oA doctor of medicine degree
oA completion of a residency program.
·Some states prefer coroners to have a background in law enforcement. That means that coroner candidates must complete an undergraduate degree related to criminal justice.

Responsibilities and Daily Activities:

·Coroners may be qualified as medical examiners
·Perform autopsies
·Work with physicians, courts and other law enforcement agencies to help determine the cause of death when an accident or crime resulting in a death has occurred or when a death is unexplained ·Testify in court hearings and trials to state the cause of death to a certain individual

Salary Range:

·Coroners with between 1-4 years of job experience can earn between $38,794-$53,512 a year on average. ·After five years of experience, coroners average between $39,668-$56,957 a year on average. ·Coroners that have worked at least 10 years can expect to earn between $51,492-$76,302 a year on average. ·Coroners who have at least 20 years of experience, earn up to $180,500 a year.

Documentation of Sources:
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In this profession, you are always surrounded by dead bodies. I would not be able to handle this at all. I would be completed disgusted and repelled by the constant sight and smell of death around me. This is...
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