Corona Case

Topics: Grupo Modelo, Mexico, Marketing Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Felicia Young
September 27, 2010
Strategic Management

Corona Beer: From a Local Mexican Player to a Global Brand
Grupo Modelo’s is a Mexican manufacture of beer. They were established in 1930s. They are best known for producing Corona, the worlds 4th best selling beer. Grupo Modelo is among the top beer companies in the world. They first began as a local distributor in Mexico and expanded to worldwide distributor. Problem Statement

Corona is ranked at the top of the beer market in the world. In the United States they are number one and in the world they are ranked fourth. The challenge the company faces with this new high demand for their product they are continually looking for new ways to market their product to stay at the top with increased competition always arising. The company would like to continue to be a leader in the beer industry around the world. Alternatives

The following are alternatives that the company could choose to do:
1. Do nothing
2. Market to new counties they currently do not market to
3. Market to new target markets
a. 4th best selling beer in world
b. marketing/ advertising
c. International expansion
d. partnerships/ contracts
e. Mexico one of the largest beer markets in world
f. one of top 10 biggest breweries in world
g. loyal customers
h. growing
a. Mexico is home/birthplace of tequila market
b. Price of product
c. decrease in value of the peso made distribution costs rise
a. developing new beers
b. exporting
c. remaining at the top of the beer industry in Mexico and around the world
a. other beer companies introducing similar products
b. new beer companies entering the market
d. Regulations
The SWOT shows that the company is STRONG. They have loyal customers for a product that is at the top of its market worldwide. They exhibit good marketing...
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