Core Competency of a Social Care Worker

Topics: Sociology, Skill, Communication Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: December 13, 2012
This piece of work shall be exploring the impact of our knowledge in college to the statutory expectation from us as social care professionals in our various field of practice.

Social care according to Share and Lalor is a unique profession that requires variety of skills in the delivery of care and service. This standard skill varies from the aims of the service to the specific needs of the service users. Competencies in skills such as effective communication, ability to form professional relationship, accountability, confidentiality team work etc. are essential for social care profession. Competency according The Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC), stressed out intensive standard skills required on the completion of each HETAC levels, the Health and Social Care Professionals Council (CORU) also set out 6 domain of competency required of Health and Social Care Professional to protect the public by promoting high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence in order attain the statutory registration of Health and Social Care Professionals. These standards requirements are to be linked in with various care providers in the provision of care. Although CORU standard of proficiency are not worded the same way in the HETAC but can be mapped together. St John of God Menni Services supports up to 425 children and adults with a range of needs including intellectual disability, mental health difficulties and problems associated with ageing. This is done through recruiting educated and experienced staff, providing internal training to staff, supporting staff to pursue further education and training at various stages of their career. HETAC proposes that graduates of level 7 should have knowledge and be able to record accurately, objectively and sensitively in accordance with legal and ethical framework of social care profession and it is also required by...
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