Core and Periphery Represented Spatially.

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The core-periphery theory based at a global scale differentiates the developed countries of the world as the economic core of the global economic system and the developing countries as the economic periphery. The core-periphery relationship is defined as the spatial expression of development processes at different scales around the world.

The economic core consists of the most advanced countries in the world, which exhibit high level of investment in economic and social activities. Core areas are generally located near the coasts, especially on the east part of the continents. For example, in the east coast of USA there are a large number of nodes (core areas). Another example that reflects this is the eastern coast of Australia.

On the other hand the economic periphery consists of countries with a much lower level of economic activity than the core. Most periphery areas are located on hinterland regions, mainly on the Northern Hemisphere. Some examples of periphery countries are Nigeria and Chad, which are located on Central Africa.

This basic representation of core and periphery assumes that the global spatial organization relates the core and periphery areas with each other. An example of a core periphery relationship is Canada, Haiti and Brazil. Canada is a core country, Brazil a semi-periphery country and Haiti. These three countries are located in the same hemisphere (North Hemisphere) and are in a geographically straight line. Another example is Russia and its surrounding countries; Russia would be considered the core and countries such as Mongolia and Kazakhstan that are boundaries of Russia and are located on the same continent would be the periphery.

The map above shows trade between all the countries of the world. As mentioned before it shows that most core areas are located on the eastern coasts and that periphery areas are situated on the inside of the continents. This map also shows that two large core areas are United Sates and Europe....
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