Topics: International trade, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Silk Road Pages: 4 (792 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Global Studies Lecture 4Sep.20/12

Silk road:
-modern term, that refers to interlinking trade routes
* Interlinked east, south, western Asia, Mediterranean, and European world, as well as some parts of Africa * Historians believed that silk road helped the development of Chinese, Indians, Persians empires * Just as silk was being traded, so were ideas

* Goods trade included: tech, religion, ideas, deisise
* Silk road 6,500 km long
* Not to mention many dieses were passed with the trades * Silk road is 200 bc old and continues for centuries
Spice Trade
-cinnamon, ginger, touric (traded this instead of money)
* The more foreign the spice was, the more worth it was * Spice trade in the middle east over 4000 years ago
* Initially it was conducted by camel caravans
* At the time the silk road was the most common route to travel * 15th.16th, 17th century, events changed
* 15th cent. We have the ability now to build to ships for explorers, went by sea, didn’t need land routes * These ships can travel long distances
* Venice is the primary trade port for spices bound to western something europe * Now at the time, thanks to the spice trade, Venice became very rich because of tariffs (tax on goods) * By the 15th century, long distance travel- vessels travel the globe and trying to get out of paying the high taxes to Venice

-At the time, even though the ships were good, the directional guide was not good. Ex. Christopher Columbus * First country to successfully navigate Africa was Portugal * Everyone was trying to control spice trade

* Middle class increased in the renaissance
* Spice trade= biggest industry- discovery of new continents , and lay foundations of modern world * It established and destroyed empires
* Control over foreign trade
* Peak of spice trade =16th
* Empire of foreign...
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