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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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In the movie named The Smell of Coriander, I find a touching story about a man who realizes his profound redemption from the punishment. Waking up early, having a heartily prepared meal, dressing up and being picked up to the company by a private driver is the beginning of a normal working day of Thanh who is a successful middle aged investor in real estate and stock market in Viet Nam. He is also the CEO of the trading center naming Sky. Many people look at his successes and his happy family with the jealousness. But behind his current clean, perfect profile is an ashamed background in which he appears as a true, heartless betrayer. Thanh was a talented, handsome man in a small village besides a mildly flowing river. His superficial youth led him to the pregnancy of Hoa, his girlfriend. They were really in love with each other, and they were planning for a wedding by themselves. A month after the pregnancy of Hoa, Thanh was accepted to an illustrious university. He was a smart and ambitious man, so he wanted to follow the call of a promising life which would change his life totally if he took the chance. Obviously his girlfriend became a burden for his own career. Thanh knew that she would not let him go unless he would take her with him. He decided to leave Hoa in secret and pursued his dream. When Hoa realized that his boyfriend has left, she was drastically shocked, but she still wanted to keep the child. As a part of Asian culture, having a child without the husband is a considerable shame for a family, so Thanh left her family and born the child in a motel; then, she gave him to a poor family in another village. She could not admit the truth that his boyfriend had left her, so she committed a suicide in the hopelessness and the severe hurt. After graduating from the university, Thanh got married with a wealthy and powerful woman and began his own career, while his forlorn son, Huy, tried to overcome every single complication to go to school and to survive. Huy was as smart as his father. He always appeared as an outstanding student at school, so he got a scholarship to study business in a university. Ironically, that scholarship was sponsored by his unknown father’s corporation. Huy somehow knew about his mother’s death and his betraying father from the poor family in which he was adopted. He grows the revenge toward his father. He swore that he will destroy his father’s current successes and be a big man in his father’s fields. Thanh kept moving on in his profession without the redemption of the past; he even did not care if he had a child. With him, money was everything. While he thought that nobody could stop him in controlling the market, a small company was established and tried to contract a project that the Sky of Thanh was also aiming at. The manager of the small company was Huy, he won the project from his crafty father. Since then, thing began to change, Sky fell down in the market and Thanh lost his CEO position and his pride when the press discovered his past. His wife divorced him. He finally found himself and his own redemption when he lost everything. He lived by himself and thought of what he had done. He realized that he was totally controlled by money. He had never had the feeling of peace since he knew about the death of his death’s girlfriend. Two year later, Huy came and let his father know that he would forgive his past. Thanh finally felt he was back to his life with a recovered heart. Similarly, Jeff Henderson in Cooked falls from the most insane richness into the prison to find out the redemption. The cause of JH’s Fall are the concupiscence, misguided success, and denial. However, the Fall is the beginning of a powerful recovery and redemption. His amazing adventure from the forgettable past is inspired by the imprisonment, the will to study and the resolution of to renew his own life.

Concupiscence is one of the causes of JH’s Fall. According to McMahon’s blog...
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