Conversations with a Moonflower

Topics: Family, One-room school, Love Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Conversations with a Moonflower Reflective Essay
Well, I have to say, that when I first started reading this book I absolutely loved it. In the beginning, Chris and her family must go to her grandmother’s house to clean it out because she has recently since passed away. Her grandmother lived in a quaint home near a village of Amish people where she had become good friends with all of them. Teaching for years in their one room school house. One day while working hard to clean, and sort through her grandmother’s possessions, some of her Amish friends stop by with freshly glazed donuts, and an invitation to watch their moonflower bloom. Skeptical, she and her daughter attend despite the puzzling invitation. And what they find is nothing short of extraordinary. After watching the moonflower bloom, the owner, Melissa, offers them each a plant to take home, and they graciously accept. After the four day journey, she makes it home and plants it in her garden. After the cold winter, the beautiful moonflower brings lots of friends and neighbors to her yard. The flower also offers council to Chris, helping her with her hectic everyday life, and showing her that every few days of working hard she needed a “five bloom day”. Ever since she was little, she has had ADD, never being able to focus on one task for too long, and her teachers would make her sit out in the hall on a chair. The other kids teased her for something she couldn’t help. As she grew older, the ADD did not improve, especially with the addition of a husband, children, and grandchildren. Throughout the book, Chris has many questions that the flower answers. Questions about her family, her chaotic life, and questions about herself. One day, Chris finds herself flustered, not able to concentrate on a single thing. She then realizes that the clutter in her house does not help with her ADD, so she scours the house, getting rid of everything they haven’t used for the last two years. Later she realizes that may...
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