External Forces That Influences the Development of the Protagonist in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild & Timothy Findley’s the Wars

Topics: Into the Wild, Wilderness, Jon Krakauer Pages: 4 (1816 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Every human is influenced by his or her surroundings let it be internal or external, these forces is what shape and develop who we are. Similarly in Jon Kraukauer’s novel “Into the wild” Chris McCandless a man who is offended by the corruption he sees within society decides to change his name, renounces all his material luxuries and go off on his way hitchhiking to Alaska from Washington, DC. He spends approximately 112 days in Alaska, he eventually planned on returning back to civilization one day but does not survive his time in the wilderness. He felt unfulfilled in a life of privilege and material wealth and wanted to experience life, he wanted to live with nothing but the bare requirements of life. Chris wanted to free himself of all worldly things and live freely. Similarly in Timothy Findley’s novel “The wars” Robert Ross who is the main character goes off to War after the death of his sister Rowena, he feels that staying in his current situation would not do him any good so he leaves, throughout his journey he encounters many people and experiences that shape and develop his character. External forces that influenced the development of Chris McCandless & Robert Ross are their families, the strangers they came across and the Wilderness for Chris and war for Robert. A major force that influenced the development of Chris was his family. Chris acts as if everything is alright and that he is going to school normally. But in reality he has travelled to live in the wilderness. He does this without informing his parents or sister. He just left them to worry about his whereabouts. He also informed the postal service to keep his letters and send them all at once so his parents would not suspect anything. He did this because he did not appreciate how his parents had treated him and his sister during while they grew up and during their childhood. Chris was spoiled rich yet because of his parent’s domestic conflicts and the total dysfunction of his family made him...
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