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The last and final function of management is controlling. Controlling is the process of managers evaluating performance and taking actions to improve the organization. From our text book, controlling is specifically defined as “evaluating how well an organization is achieving its goals and taking action to maintain or improve performance: controlling is one of the four principal tasks of management”. The main goal and purpose of the controlling function is to see where the organization stands as far as achieving goals and attempts to make any corrections needed in order to maintain or improve the performance. For our group, it was clear to see where Mission Arlington in regards to the controlling function. Mission Arlington takes a very unique approach. Tilly, the head leader of the organization, is in control of all aspects of this organization. All head managers at each individual sections have direct contact with Tilly at all times through walkie-talkies and the managers make sure to notify Tilly of any decisions made, however, Tilly grants her head managers with a great deal of trust and authority, letting them be in complete charge of their specific section of the organization. From what we could tell, Tilly makes all the major executive decisions and many of the minor decisions made are at least run by her. She withholds the power to evaluate precisely how well the organization is doing and what ways they could improve. It was interesting to learn that Mission Arlington does not keep up with exact numbers in regards to how many people they are specifically reaching out to. They do this because they believe they cannot control how many actually come. Tilly states that only God can bless the organization with the numbers. The main source of motivation they rely on is prayer. Prayer brings them the volunteers to this organization that come to help because they have felt called. Tilly says she knows the organization is doing well...
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