Staying in Control

Topics: Freedom of speech, Democracy, Government Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Staying In Control
In the essay China’s Biggest Gamble, Henry Blodget addresses the acceptance and priority from the people in the current government idealization. People from china worried more about the ability to produce money than freedom of expression. By speaking to business people he concluded for now money production is their priority. Their economy can succeed without democracy and freedom for now. It’s something citizen’s want in the future. The economy is a priority, an average person accept the situation as long as the government doesn’t mismanage their needs. Clearly for the economy to continue expanding and be as powerful, they need a more efficient system and less corruption. Need of improvement in current system were government relation is not essential for money production. Eventually the evaluation for Chinese version of capitalism will happen if the crash for a new system is to occur in the future. A majority of china claims if an election is taken, current leaders would win the votes. If a revolutionary change is to occur blame would be given to a group of people, not the system because public pressure can probably be controlled. As long as the government unmerited negative treatment can be tossed out it would be controlled. Clearly China’s economy is successful without the need of democracy. What I did not know was how opinionated I became of the people and government idealization after analyzing this essay. The idea of a Capitalism country without Democracy is ironic. The how and the what to do collaborate to an extent. Can this situation in China last forever? The acceptance from the people and their priority in the current government idealization of good economy is pointless. Why have a priority in producing money and profit and no freedom of expression. Having the right to make
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