Controlling Idea

Topics: Mother, Family, Restaurant Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: August 1, 2012
Controlling Idea
Relationships do not always run smoothly. In passage I, Ezra is having a tough time dealing with his business partner, Mrs. Scarlatti, being sick in the hospital. Ezra had a good connection with Mrs. Scarlatti; he saw her as his second mother. Sadly, Mrs. Scarlatti had a harsh life. Her husband was cruel to her and lost her only son. Ezra was the only person in Mrs. Scarlatti’s life. She called Ezra her boy and her angel. Ezra symbolically communicates his love for Mrs. Scarlatti through her favorite dish, gizzard soup. In life, it is very hard to let someone that you love go. Ezra is trying to accept the fact that Mrs. Scarlatti is not going to be around much longer and must move forward. To more forward, he put the gizzard soup on the restaurant menu and hired waitresses, which Mrs. Scarlatti was strictly against. Also, passage II also depicts that relationships do not run smoothly, since a father is having a hard time realizing that his son is growing up and becoming a man. The father stated, “This summer he’s grown to my own height.” Also, it took place at night in the darkness with no flashlight, which illustrates a mysterious and uncomfortable situation. It is very hard for parents to realize that their children are no longer babies and need their freedom. Many times parents endeavor to hold on to their children and not let them go, but eventually they will need to. So, whether it is seeing a loved one go or seeing your children grow up, you must move on and realize that that is how life is.
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