Control Mechanism Paper

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MGT 330 –Control Mechanism Paper

Control Mechanisms
Control mechanisms have many purposes in business management. The control mechanism of employee incentives directly influences the management function of leading (Ganly, 2010). Control mechanisms serve many important purposes; they allow an organization to protect their values they have created as well as the profit of the organization from reduction by competitors, partners, or customers. Control mechanisms add for better predictability, this in turn helps form better business models for an organization. This paper evaluates six different control mechanisms among six different organizations. The control mechanisms are: job descriptions, program evaluations, pay scale, communication, performance evaluations, and disciplinary procedures. Job Descriptions

Consolidated Care depends on detailed job descriptions for their employees to be an effective organization. Job descriptions are effective because they establish lines of authority and areas of responsibility. Consolidated Care uses job descriptions not only as an outline of expectations of the employee but also a tool to provide an evaluation criterion and provide motivation.

Consolidated Care employees respond both positive and negative to their job descriptions. Job descriptions also provide employees with the guidance of who to go to when a problem arises or questions occur. Though, there are some employees who react negative to job description. These employees believe job descriptions limit their abilities and use their job description as an excuse not to perform other tasks. For example, some employees simply meet expectations; when asked to perform another duty he or she will respond, “That is not in my job description,” which creates friction in the organization.

Job descriptions effect the four functions of management by allowing managers to effectively plan, organize, and delegate tasks according to what the employee can do based on the description of the job obtained by an individual upon hire. Job descriptions are a good starting point when trying to lead team members to success. Program Evaluations

Organization “A” program evaluations are done on a yearly basis. Every three months Organization “A” evaluates the programs the company is practicing and reviews its effectiveness. The outcome of the evaluation will determine if the program needs to be revised, eliminated, or continued. Programs evaluation keeps the organization going in the correct direction causing positive outcomes. If program evaluations are non-effective employees will continue to practice the same habits regardless of the negative results. Some employees reacts positive to programs evaluations because it gives the opportunity to do new things, which will keep the environment changing and exciting. Negative response from employees during a program evaluation can include termination of employees who did not perform well during the program. Program evaluation allows organization “A” to be organized, which in-turn helps to keep employees up-to-date with the actions of the organization. Program evaluations influence planning, an aspect of management (Rothbauer-Wanish, 2009). Knowing when to address issues and when to reconstruct programs is crucial. What is ahead and preparing for the future by supplying a group information on the same program can create unity among the employees. In every program requires a leader. A leader gives order and structure when evaluation takes place. Controlling is another function of management that program evaluation has impacted. In Organization “A” manager’s monitor employee’s performances and make sure goals are met. Program evaluations will allow managers to monitor what employees are doing and to address their work progress consistently. Pay Scale

The pay scale of an organization is a part of the market control mechanism at the individual level. According to Bateman and Snell...
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